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Owner program of Fuchs und Hase

Earn up to 8.700 Euro per year by renting out your motorhome

If you decide to rent out your camper through the Fuchs und Hase Camper owner program, you can earn up to 8,700 euros per year with a good occupancy rate. For allowing us to rent out your camper, you will receive 30 percent of the generated rental income, thereby significantly reducing the cost of financing or the purchase price of your camper. Through many years of experience in the field of motorhome rental, we provide you with realistic forecasts of what income numbers are realistic with the rental of your motorhome. You decide how often and how long your camper should be available for renters. It is especially worthwhile to rent out your camper during the peak season, when demand is high.

With the participation in the owner program of Fuchs-und-Hase your vehicle will be re-registered to our company and will be available to our fleet for 5 years. The vehicle taxes and the costs of the comprehensive insurance for the camper are covered by us. You remain the owner of the camper and we act only as lessor. The payment for the rental will be transferred by us on the 10th day of the following month, so that the income shows up quickly on your account.

Rental income without additional work

If you allow us to rent out your motorhome, your workload will be much lower compared to using private rental portals. You don’t have to be on site for pick-up or drop-off and you benefit from our marketing when it comes to the rental of your camper. We add your vehicle to our fleet and it can be easily booked through our website, leaving you with no additional work. If you want to take a vacation yourself, you can reserve your free camper up to one day in advance and if your camper is booked out, we offer you the possibility to choose a replacement vehicle.

Your advantages when participating in the owner program of Fuchs und Hase:

Estimate your possible payout now

What a realistic payout for renting out your motorhome each year looks like can be projected individually with our calculator below. In the calculator you enter your type of camper as well as your own use and rental for the respective seasons. Afterwards, the amount we would pay you in the selected scenario is displayed. The preset values represent a realistic occupancy rate for an average year.

Your potential income from our owner program

Type of RV:

Owner occupancy offseason
Owner occupancy peak season
Owner occupancy winter season
Rental days offseason
Rental days peak season
Rental days winter season

Info: For the calculation we used the rental prices for motorhomes from our price list, the respective seasonal periods and the payout of 30% of the revenue to the vehicle owner. The preset values reflect a realistic rental rate for vehicles in our fleet and forecast the actual payout amount.

We market your motorhome through Fuchs und Hase and partner portals

Your vehicle will be marketed through Fuchs und Hase, so you will benefit from our presence on the Internet or on billboards around Berlin and Brandenburg. We take your motorhome into our fleet and make it available for renters with our own campers. This way you can assume a recurring occupancy and do not have to take care of interested renters yourself. Booking, pick-up or drop-off are taken care of by our staff, so you can just sit back and relax.

Your vehicle is always* available for you

With camper sharing, the camper remains your property and you decide when you want to take the vehicle on vacation yourself. If your camper is still available, you can quickly and flexibly reserve your trip online up to one day in advance. If you let us know further in advance, we will reserve the corresponding time slot so that the camper is available on your desired date.

To participate in the Fuchs und Hase owner program, the camper must be available for rental for at least 120 days from April to October. Of these, at least 30 days must be during the peak season in July and August. Apart from that, you are free to decide when you want to go on vacation with your camper yourself. If your vehicle is already booked at the desired vacation time, you can choose an equivalent replacement camper from our fleet. There are no fees for this and you can also fall back on higher vehicle classes with value compensation.

Free van office and kitchen equipment for your camper

When you participate in the Fuchs und Hase owner program, we will outfit your camper with light branding on the outside to match the rest of our fleet. We will also install our popular van office for you free of charge, thereby turning the camper into a home office with router, solar panels and a powerful battery to charge your laptop. The equipment with fast Internet flat rate for Germany and Europe is not only available to renters, but can also be used by you on your own trips. In addition, we provide camping and kitchen equipment free of charge, including camping chairs, a table and an Omnia oven.

You also save costs when renting your camper, because we keep a parking space for your vehicle ready. If you are not traveling with a camper, you do not have to look for an expensive parking space in Berlin, but your camper will be safely stored on our premises, which are centrally located on the S-Bahn ring. There you can easily pick up the vehicle for your vacation and bring it back after the end of the trip to make it available for renters. On our premises your camper is protected against theft by insurance and damages are also covered by an insurance policy.

Maintenance and minor repairs included

We take care of the maintenance of your vehicle while the camper is with us. We take over for example the HU/AU as well as smaller maintenance like lights and oil changes. This saves you a lot of time and you can start your next vacation immediately. We make sure that your vehicle is ready for use and that all necessary repairs are carried out. For this we rely on experienced employees and partner repair shops for the work on your camper.

Help with vehicle purchases and RV conversion

If you are still looking for the right camper, we can also advise you on vehicle purchases or a conversion of your camper. This way you can use the rental income from the owner program for the calculation and weigh up financing or a purchase. For this purpose, we work together with several partners in order to be able to present you the perfect vehicle. For our owner program any motorhome can be used and rented. However, we will be happy to advise you on which vehicle types are particularly popular with our customers and benefit from a high occupancy rate.

Apply now for the owner program of Fuchs und Hase

With the Fuchs und Hase owner program, you receive 30 percent of the rental income if your vehicle is included in our fleet. This means that RV owners can create additional income of up to 8,700 € per year. There is no work for you except for the transfer after signing the contract, because we take care of marketing, bookings or repairs. At the same time your camper is available for you at any time* and can be used for a long vacation every year.

If you are interested in the advantages of our owner program and want to earn money with your camper now, we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us by e-mail at info@fuchs-und-hase.org or by phone at +49 30/62931813. There we will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the further process.

* Participation in the owner program of Fuchs-und-Hase requires that the camper is available for rental for at least 120 days from April to October. Of these, at least 30 days must be during the peak season in July and August. If the camper is not booked, the vehicle can be reserved by the owner up to one day before departure at short notice.

Frequently asked questions about camper sharing in Berlin and Brandenburg:

What annual income is realistic when renting out my camper?

For renting out your camper you will receive 30% of the rental income of your vehicle. How high your total income is depends on how long and when you want to use your camper yourself. For a rental of just under 165 days with a good occupancy rate in the peak season, you can achieve an income of up to 8,700 € per year with a fully integrated motorhome. We would be happy to discuss the respective calculations with you in more detail, so that you can make your own calculation for your RV.

Below you can see in our example graphic that a large part of the income from the rental is spent on costs. The largest part of the rental income with a share of 30 percent is paid to the owner. In addition, there are no costs for a parking space, vehicle taxes or insurance, which also reduces your costs  for the camper.

Aufschlüsselung der Verteilung der Mieteinnahmen aus dem Eignerprogramm von Fuchs und Hase
Aufschlüsselung der Verteilung der Mieteinnahmen aus dem Eignerprogramm von Fuchs und Hase

Is there a guaranteed occupancy rate for renting my camper?

There is no guarantee of a specific occupancy rate when you participate in the owner program. In addition, the bookings for campers are too variable to guarantee a certain occupancy rate. However, our fleet is currently in high demand, so we expect a satisfying occupancy rate for all participants in the owner’s program.

How can I participate in the owner program of Fuchs und Hase?

If you are interested in making your motorhome available to our fleet as part of the owner program, you can easily contact us by phone or e-mail. You can reach us by phone at 030/62931813 or by e-mail at info@fuchs-und-hase.org. You will then receive further information from us and we will discuss the exact process with you. After the initial consultation we will send you the contract for the camper sharing.

What are the costs for the owners of the vehicles?

If you are already the owner of a camper and you take care of the transfer to our site yourself, you will not have to pay any additional costs. The participation in our owner program is free of charge and does not require any payments. If you don’t own a camper yet, we can advise you on purchase or financing and recommend a suitable camper.

How are taxes and insurance for the camper accounted for?

If you participate in our owner program, the camper will be re-registered to Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH, but will remain your property. Due to the re-registration the vehicle taxes are completely paid by us. The same applies to the fully comprehensive rental insurance, so that you no longer have to pay these costs yourself. The assumption of taxes and insurance does is not affected by how often the camper is used by the owners themselves.

Who is responsible for maintenance or damage to the camper?

Maintenance or minor repairs are taken care of by Fuchs and Hase and also billed through our company. For you there are no additional costs for the annual presentation to the HU/AU, gas and leak test, operating fluids, lights and if necessary new tires. If damage occurs to the RV that is not covered by this, the costs will be offset against the profit from the rental or invoiced separately.

The renter is liable for any damage caused during the rental. If there is damage through no fault of the renter or damage due to force majeure, for example hail, the insurance conditions of our fleet insurance with R+V apply.

When will I receive the rental income for the RV?

We transfer the payment for the rented vehicle to you on the 10th day of the following month. This means you don’t have to wait long for the money, but the income is credited to your account as quickly as possible. For this purpose, when you sign the contract, you specify a reference account to which the income will be transferred.

When can I use the camper myself?

You can reserve the camper yourself up to one day in advance, if the vehicle has not already been booked. You must contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you want to use the camper yourself at short notice. Use by the owner of the vehicle is possible all year round as long as the camper is available for rental for at least 120 days from April to October and at least 30 days from July to August.

Can I additionally rent the camper privately?

No, if you participate in our owner program, the camper is rented out exclusively through Fuchs und Hase. An independent rental of the camper through other portals is barred in our terms of use.

What happens after the expiration of the agreed 5 years for the owner program?

Before the expiration of the 5 years, both contracting parties can decide to terminate the contract with a notice period of 6 months. Otherwise the camper sharing concept will be extended for another 12 months. If you wish to terminate your participation in the owner program, the van office remains in the camper, while the camping and kitchen equipment must be returned. The branding of Fuchs and Hase on the vehicle will be removed by us free of charge and you will also receive a repair list.

How can I terminate the contract with Fuchs und Hase?

It is possible for both parties to terminate the contract with a notice period of 12 months. This allows us to complete already booked trips with your vehicle and to make your motorhome available to you again. Investments made by Fuchs und Hase, for example in the van office, must be paid back proportionally if the contract period is less than the agreed 5 years.

Is there a limit to the number of miles driven as a rental vehicle?

No, there is no limit on the number of kilometers driven in the owner program contract. This is the only way we can include your vehicle as an equivalent camper in our fleet and make it available for bookings. Otherwise, the billing model would be much more complicated. On average, high mileage bookings are balanced out by short distance renters, so there is no exceptionally high mileage load. We expect about 20-25 thousand kilometers of mileage per season with good occupancy rate.

Is the van office and kitchen equipment also available on trips of the owners?

Yes, the van office is permanently installed in the camper and the kitchen equipment also remains in the vehicle when you use the camper for your own trips. This means that you benefit from the same advantages as those who rent the vehicles, without any additional costs for you.

What happens in case of insolvency of Fuchs und Hase?

In the event of an insolvency of Fuchs und Hase, the contract will be terminated for operational reasons. The vehicle is yours and will simply be re-registered to you. The van office remains in the motorhome due to the permanent installation and only the camping and kitchen equipment has to be returned. Insurance for the motorhome is paid in advance and is not affected in the event of insolvency.

Do I have to pay taxes on the income from renting out my motorhome?

Depending on the amount of rental income or an intention to make a profit, it is possible that the income from the owner program must be reported to the tax office and taxes must be paid. You can get more information about this from the tax office or a tax advisor. We cannot offer legal advice on this.

Are pets allowed to travel with Fuchs und Hase?

Fuchs und Hase is a pet-friendly motorhome rental company and pets are allowed to travel with us if previously agreed . For vehicles from the owner program, owners who are allergic to dog or cat hair, for example, have the option to exclude pets from rentals.




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