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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our Campers

Frequently asked questions

What is »Fuchs und Hase Camper«?

With Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH you can enjoy a sporty alternative to traditional motorhome rental, with a guarantee of pure adventure and unique experiences. Our customized motorhomes offer the highest level of comfort and flexibility and we would be happy to euqip them with additional sports equipment for you. Just let us know your wishes. Our absolute highlight is the mobile VAN OFFICE concept for working on the go, which creates an entirely new quality of life that fits the modern work world.

How can I rent a camper on »Fuchs und Hase Camper« ?

You can book our vehicles in advance via our website http://fuchs-und-hase.org/. We do not create contracts at our rental station. To ensure a smooth handover process and avoid waiting times, we only operate on a reservation basis. After booking, you will receive a link to schedule a pickup and return time.

How can I take out travel cancellation insurance or a deductible insurance?

Protect yourself from financial risks and reduce your contractual deductible to 250 € with the Self-Deductible PLUS Insurance from ERGO Travel Insurance (Selbstbehalts-Versicherung PLUS).
After booking your camper rental, you can use the following link to purchase a camping travel cancellation insurance, a deductible insurance, or a motorhome travel protection, which also includes luggage and contents insurance and interior liability insurance. 


How can I cancel my booking request?

If you would like to cancel a booking, please contact our support via email: 

How is the price calculated?

We charge a fixed rental fee per rental day. A rental day begins at noon, and ends at noon the following day, regardless of the actual pickup and return time. The rental price may vary by season and will be automatically calculated for the entire rental period. For bookings of 3 days or less, we charge a surcharge , which will be displayed in the booking overview.

How do I pay?

You can pay the rental fee during the booking process via PayPal or Credit Card.

The deposit must be transferred to our account via bank transfer no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the rental period, or in cash at the handover.

How can I apply my voucher or promotional code?

Your voucher code can applied on the second page of the papyment process “Order & Payment” at the top of the page.
You will find the following text there:

“Do you have a voucher? Click here to enter your voucher code”
(Hast du einen Gutschein? Klicke hier, um deinen Gutschein-Code einzugeben.)

What is the amount of the secruity deposit?

The security deposit is 1500 €.

How do I pay the security deposit?

You can pay the security deposit in cash upon handover or via PayPal, or transfer it to the following account. Please note that the transfer must be received 48 hours before the start of the journey!

Account details for the security deposit:

Account holder: Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH
IBAN: DE46 1204 0000 0132 3542 00

Reference: Your booking number and name

What is the VAN OFFICE?

All our vehicles are equipped with a router, omnidirectional antenna on the roof for GSM, 4G, 5G, GPS and WLAN, solar, inverter, and double onboard batteries. Together with your devices, you can now do work from anywhere on the go. With Stream On Gaming, Music & Video, and Social & Chat, children and teenagers can also enjoy great entertainment on vacation. A nationwide data flat rate is included. For roaming in Europe, 42 GB per month are available for the entire fleet. Therefore, we recommend obtaining a local SIM card for longer stays abroad as the router has a second SIM card slot. 

If you prefer not to be reachable on your journey, you can deactivate the router at any time.

*Except for T69L Kapfuchs

The second SIM card in the router does not work, what can I do?

In most cases, the SIM PIN or APN needs to be entered into the router. This can only be done by an employee of Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH. If the router is online, it can be done remotely. Please call us or send an email to support@fuchs-und-hase.org.

As a quick solution, you can insert the SIM into a mobile phone or smartphone and deactivate the PIN there.

Who should I contact if I have a question about a motorhome on »Fuchs und Hase Camper«?

If you have a question about a camper it is best to send an inquiry via email to  info@fuchs-und-hase.org. Our team is also available by phone for short-term bookings.

What should I do if my desired RV is not available during the requested period?

It’s best to enter the desired booking period on our homepage to see all available vehicles. Maybe another model will also appeal to you. You can always reach out to us via info@fuchs-und-hase.org. Sometimes the calender is blocked for maintenance, which we may still be able to change. 

Can I receive an invoice?

After returning the vehicle, you will automatically receive a summary invoice by email which will list the rental charges as well as any additional services or repairs, which will be deducted from the deposit.

Which terms and conditions apply?

Am I allowed to travel abroad with the camper?

Traveling abroad within Europe is possible. Traveling to countries outside of Europe requires our consent. Traveling to areas of war and crisis is prohibited. Traveling to Eastern Europe must be approved by the lessor beforehand. If such trips are not approved, the lessee will bear the costs in case of damage or loss of the vehicle in the corresponding country.

Where can I pickup the camper?

Pick up Location: Ostseestraße 107-111, 10409 Berlin

Driving onto the premises is only permitted for loading and unloading with a private car. We recommend traveling to our location by public transportation.

How are the vehicles insured?

All vehicles have comprehensive insurance and European roadside assistance coverage (Vollkasko Versicherung und Europaweiten Schutzbrief).

What happens in case of an accident or breakdown?

In case of a breakdown, you can rely on the roadside assistance of our insurance partner R+V. You can find the breakdown hotline in the vehicle and in your booking documents. Please inform us immediately by email or phone if you experience a breakdown with one of our vehicles.

In case of an accident, fire, theft, vandalism or wildlife damage, please contact the police and the rental station immediately. Claims by the opposing party cannot be recognized.

In the event of an accident, even with minor damage, you must create a detailed written report with a sketch. If possible, document the damage with photos at the scene of the accident. This is important to ensure that no details are forgotten and claims can be made against the insurance company. Please use our template for this.

The accident report must be completed and signed in full and handed over to the lessor no later than when returning the rental vehicle. It must contain the names and addresses of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the official license plates of the vehicles involved.

Can my pet travel with me?

We are pet-friendly! Traveling with your pet is allowed with prior arrangement and our approval. Please contact us in advance and tell us about your pet and which camper you are interested in.

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

No. All of our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles. Cleaning costs and rental losses due to the extensive cleaning of the vehicle will be charged to the renter.

What driver's license class do I need?

All vehicles are under 3.5t and can be driven with a driver’s license class B or equivalent.

How old do I have to be to rent a motorhome?

Our fleet is available to drivers who have reached the age of 22 or older.

How does the handover process work?

After booking your camper, you will receive a link to our appointment booking portal. Please book a pickup appointment and be at the rental station for the handover on time.

Please bring the following items for the handover:

  • Your ID
  • Driver’s license(s) of all drivers
  • Deposit if you are depositing it in cash
  • 30-45 minutes for handover and briefing.

You will receive a detailed introduction to the vehicle. The handover protocol will also be created, which is part of the rental contract. The handover protocol must be signed by you and our staff and will then be sent to you by email.

What additional costs may occur?

Fees will be charged for expenses that we bear, such as emptying the toilet, cleaning the vehicle, or processing fines. All fees are listed in our current price list.

During the trip, consumables such as diesel or gas are at your expense. In addition, there may be fees such as parking fees, tolls, or campsite fees that are independent of us and may arise depending on your travel destination. We recommend that you inquire about these fees before your trip.

I cannot start my trip. Do I still have to pay the full price?

There is no general statutory right of withdrawal for rental contracts. There is also no right of revocation due to § 312 g para. 2 no. 9 BGB. We therefore recommend taking out a separate travel cancellation insurance.

What do I need to bring to the handover?

  • Your ID
  • Driving license(s) of all drivers
  • Deposit in cash or advance transfer
  • 30-45 min time for handover and briefing.

I have received a fine, who pays?

You are responsible for paying your fines, tolls, and other fees. Please settle fines immediately. Once we receive a payment request from the authority, additional fees will be charged according to our price list.

Do I have to return the motorhome fully fueled?

Yes. We operate a full/full policy. You will receive the vehicle with a full tank and should return it to us with a full tank. If you forget to refuel, we will do it for you and charge you for the required fuel plus a refueling fee according to our price list with your deposit.

What do I need to keep in mind after my trip?

  • Stick to the return date or rebook in time!
  • Refill the tank
  • Empty the wastewater tank
  • Empty the toilet
  • Clean the vehicle inside and out
  • Have you collected all personal belongings?

Where can I clean the camper before returning it?

Where can I refill fresh water?

You can refill the fresh water tank for free at our nearby partner gas station:

Aral Tankstelle
Ronald Beck
Mühlenstraße 26, 13187 Berlin

Can I make use of my 14-day right of withdrawwal when booking?

There is no right of withdrawal according to § 312 g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB.


Does the RV have a navigation device?

In any vehicle, a smartphone or tablet can easily be fixed for navigation, or connected to the radio for navigation via CarPlay or Android Auto. Some, but not all, campers also have a built-in navigation device.


Do we need to bring towels and bedding?

Yes. Duvets, covers, pillows and bed sheets are not included.


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bei FUCHS und Hase!

Zum Black Friday und Cyber Monday geben wir dir satte 20% Rabatt.

Außerdem erlassen wir dir komplett die Reinigungspauschale. Buche bis zum 27.11.2023 einen Camper und profitiere mit folgendem Code:

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Trage dich in unseren Newsletter ein und erhalte einen 50,-€ Rabattcode für deine nächste Buchung!

Unser VAN OFFICE Konzept

Gerade in der heutigen Zeit wird das Arbeiten von unterwegs immer interessanter und bedeutsamer. Die Arbeitgeber denken um und bieten den Mitarbeitern mehr Möglichkeiten und Flexibilität, ihre Arbeit ortsunabhängig auszuüben. Mit der vorhandenen Technologie ist es bestens umsetzbar. Diese neue Home Office Philosophie kannst du jetzt zu deinem Vorteil nutzen, wenn du mit unseren Wohnmobilen auf Reisen gehst. Denn Fuchs und Hase geht noch einen Schritt weiter. Aus dem Home Office wird ein Free Office, so dass du, egal wo du dich gerade befindest, deinen Job machen kannst. Du brauchst keinen festen Arbeitsplatz mehr und kannst dich komplett frei bewegen. Am besten nimmst du deine Arbeitskollegen direkt mit und ihr genießt gemeinsam diese neu gewonnene Freiheit.


Verschaffe dir jetzt mit unserem VAN OFFICE Konzept ein absolut neues Gefühl von Lebensqualität. Du entscheidest. Dir steht mit uns nichts mehr im Weg, um die heutzutage so wichtige Work Life Balance ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen. Genieße die vollkommene Freiheit und erkunde die schönsten Plätze Deutschlands und Umgebung. Denke nicht mehr darüber nach, ob noch genügend Urlaubstage übrig sind oder die Kollegen evtl. schon freie Tage angemeldet haben. Nimm deine Arbeit einfach überall mit hin.



Fuchs und Hase stattet dafür alle Wohnmobile mit mobilen Routern aus, die bis zu 300mb Downloadgeschwindigkeit erreichen. Die 5 in 1 Antenne sorgt für besten Empfang. So hast du überall von unterwegs Zugriff auf Internet, Telefon und GPS. Mit dem MagentaMobil XL Paket von Telekom/D1 ist bestes Netz mit LTE Max garantiert. Das unbegrenzte Highspeed-Datenvolumen deutschlandweit und EU-Roaming inkl. der Schweiz* verleihen dir ein entspanntes Arbeitsgefühl, egal wo du dich gerade befindest. Ein 220V Wechselrichter, Solarzellen und eine doppelte Aufbaubatterie sorgen zusätzlich für mehr Strom und längere autarke Standzeit. Die Highlights von allem sind die Reichweite des Routers und das verstärkende Signal durch die Dachantenne, die es dir erlauben, den Laptop einfach mit nach draußen zu nehmen und die wunderbare Natur zu genießen. Vielleicht ist ja sogar ein See in der Nähe, der dich während einer kleinen Arbeitspause zum Baden einlädt.

Mit unserem VAN OFFICE Konzept sind keine Grenzen mehr gesetzt. 


  • *Deutschlandweit unbegrenztes Highspeed Datenvolumen.
  • *EU-Roaming inkl. CH & UK bis zu 41GB/Monat.
  • *StreamOn Gaming 
    EU weit mobil Spielen , ohne an das Datenvolumen zu Denken.
  • *Stream On Music & Video
    EU Weit Musik und Videos streamen, ohne an das Datenvolumen zu denken.
  • *Stream On Social&Chat
    EU Weit mobil chatten, liken, und teilen ohne an das Datenvolumen zu denken.
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